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Discerning Culture

Effect of Cohabitation on Children

We continue to explore why God’s ways make sense when it comes to marriage. This is the third entry. Click here for part 1, here for part 2.

In a British study, Child Abuse by Mothers’ Boyfriends: Why the Overrepresentation?” in Child Abuse and Neglect 16 (1992): 541-51, Leslie Margolin found the incidence of child abuse with biological married parents, cohabitating parents, and mothers living with their boyfriends. What she found was startling.

1. Child abuse was twenty times higher for children living with their cohabitating parents than with biological, married parents.

2. Child abuse was thirty-three times higher for children living with their mother and her boyfriend when compared to biological, married parents.

God’s way as expressed in the Bible is still the best way. Social research bears it out. Women, for your children’s sake, make him marry you! Or he is not for you.

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