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End of the World Coming? – An Evangelistic Opportunity

I recently sent this out to my church. I thought the wording might be helpful to you.

End of the world? Unfortunately, the supposed end of the world is making the news. If you haven’t heard, it is coming May 21st!!   Check out the article here for more info. This, of course, is false teaching as no one knows the day or the time.

However this might also present an opportunity if this topic comes up at work. Simply say something like, “Yes its amazing how far some people can get from the teachings of Jesus. Jesus himself said no one knows the hour or day. But the Bible does teach he is coming back. What about you? What are your beliefs? If he came back today would you be ready?”

Don’t be fooled by this crazy guy. But perhaps what the devil means for evil, God can use for good to talk to someone about Jesus.

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