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Fathers At Home: Finding Joy In the New Normal

The coronavirus has knocked our lives for a loop. How can dads find some joy in the new normal?

This is a strange and disruptive time. In fact, there has been a significant gap since the last time I posted a podcast. Some of it was because I was actually sick for a while. Some of that was because I was scrambling like you.

But in the meantime, I was thinking about hosting a fire-side chat or webinar to help us get through this time. I hosted my first one on Tuesday night. It was entitled Fathers At Home: Finding Joy In the New Normal.

I spent some time giving 12 suggestions for dads. The time together starts with perspective, and becomes more and more practical as the chat goes on. Although it is aimed at dads, it could definitely apply to moms as well. I hope you will be helped by it.

Listen below or on itunes here.





Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

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Article: The Power of a Joyful Parent

Article: 6 Ways to Lead Your Family In Isolation

Article: Suggestions for Creating Structure In an Unstructured Week

Article: One Easy Idea to Change the Negative Atmosphere In your Home (The Power of the Red Plate)


Topics Covered in This Week’s Podcast:

0:15 Introduction

5:40 It is an intense time

7:43 It is an exposing time

9:32 It is a character forming time

13:38 Strengthen yourself in the Lord

19:26 Strengthen your family with your words

21:43 Repay evil with blessing

23:42 Create a master schedule

25:55 Go to work every day

27:45 Nurture your relationships

30:31 Gently restart roles you have been neglecting

30:59 Have fun

32:45 Do what you can