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Five Principles for Healthy Communication

Words, words, words. If you’re a parent, words are flying around your house. Sometimes those words are helpful, and as you well know, many times they’re sinful. How do we get a handle on all those words? How do we communicate well, and how do we teach our children to communicate well? In this podcast, we’re going to talk about five principles of healthy communication.

Communication is a huge subject, one that could overwhelm us. But in a recent webinar, I spelled out five helpful principles to guide healthy communication. Certainly it’s not all that could be said, but it is a start. And I believe that they will apply whether you’re thinking about communicating with your young child, with your teen, or with your spouse.

Specifically, we want to think about grasping the power of our words, growing in communication wisdom, growing in communication ability, understanding and then being understood, and then lastly, taking responsibility for our words. 

I think you’ll find help here no matter how old your children are. And it fits perfectly with material that I’ve done on becoming a patient parent and overcoming anger in the home webinar on our YouTube channel. Links to other materials mentioned in the webinar are shared below.

But for now, let’s think about five principles for healthy communication.

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Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

The Disciple-Making Parent

Donut Date Journal: 70 Questions to Connect You to Your Child’s Heart

Parenting with Confidence (Parenting 101) is forthcoming! Watch our social media.

Parenting with Patience Videos

Parenting with Patience: Overcoming Anger In the Home – Participant Workbook

If you would like Chap to address your church or group virtually, more information is available here.

Topics Covered in This Week’s Podcast:

00:15 Introduction

02:35 Principle 1: Grasp the power of your words.

06:03 Principle 2: Discern communication wisdom.

013:46 Principle 3: Grow in communication ability.

18:39 Principle 4: Understand, and then be understood.

24:45 Principle 5: Take responsibility for your words.


Plus, check out this webinar on our YouTube channel.