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Guys Are Flaming Out – A NonChristian Alarmist Speaks

HT: Everyday Theology.

Guys are flaming out academically, they’re wiping out relationally with girls, and sexually with women. Other than that, there’s not much of a problem. says psychologist Philip Zimbardo.

Zimbardo argues this comes from arousal addiction because of:

1. Excessive internet use
2. Excessive video gaming
3. Addiction to pornography

Christ brings hope to any and every situation. And for those given to fear, this should not warrant faithless fear. But it is good for our young men to realize how the culture will seek to conform them (Romans 12:2). We want to men and women who understand the times so that we know what the people of God should do (1 Chronicles 12:32).

Read the whole thing.

The article by Dr. Russell Moore references his book and in his own way he contributes to the conversation with these quotes:

There’s a key difference between porn and gaming. Pornography can’t be consumed in moderation because it is, by definition, immoral. A video game can be a harmless diversion along the lines of a low-stakes athletic competition. But the compulsive form of gaming shares a key element with porn: both are meant to simulate something, something for which men long…

Zimbardo and Duncan are right, this is a generation mired in fake love and fake war, and that is dangerous.

Let’s make sure we point our young men toward real love and real war.  Let’s cast the vision for pursuing real love and real war and show the Satanic plagiarism of fake love and fake war. As we shepherd our young men through the minefields, let’s do so with understanding at what the world will throw at them.

For more on that, see my booklet The Power of Purpose.

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