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Have Good Things Captured Your Heart?

John Piper pens a post with this title: Know a Christian Who Seems to Love Movies More Than Jesus?

A couple of paragraphs stand out in particular:

Many professing Christians give little evidence of valuing Jesus more than the latest movie they have seen. Or the latest clothing they bought. Or the latest app they downloaded. Or the latest game they watched. Something is amiss.

He suggests asking:

“I love your enthusiasm for the things you get excited about. You’re so free and expressive about good movies and nice clothes and cool apps. It seems odd to me that you don’t seem to be as expressive about the way you feel about Jesus and what he’s done for us. Have you thought about why that might be?”

The point of this query is to help them see that the problem is not joyfully loving good created things. The problem is the apparent absence of similar affections for Christ.

As parents, we need to shepherd our children young and old through these temptations. Watch this space for more writing on this soon.

Read the whole article.

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