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Discerning Culture

How TV Affects Our Family and World

By November 12, 2015September 26th, 2020No Comments

Here is research proof  to what we already know.

As TV spreads, it changes culture. This article points out how the spread of TV  has reduced Brazil’s birthrate and influenced social mores in India gradually.

The article goes on to point out how TV has changed our culture’s acceptance of homosexuality.

Some applications as I see it.

1. We are imitators. We can’t help it. The question is what will we imitate. We will imitate those we admire. If I am saturating myself with TV characters then I will want to emulate them. If I put myself around those who are godly and admire them, I will want to emulate them.

2. Our children are imitators. They can’t help it. The question is who will they imitate? They will imitate those they admire. If they are saturating themselves with ungodly examples, they will emulate them. If they put themselves around those who are godly and admire them, they will want to emulate them.
a. In other words, turn off the TV!!
b. Constantly, praise godly Christians who they can see and touch.
c. Constantly point out godly “heroes” to emulate. (e.g. Tim Tebow types)

3. Since the world seeks to conform us to its image (Romans 12:2), let us train our children to stand against the world and its subtle influence. As the U.S. plunges into a new Dark Age, we can help our children stand as light.

4. Who will be a missionary to Hollywood or set up a competing storytelling recreation?

You have to read the whole article here.

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