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Injustice, Chaos, and Habakkuk

We are living in a time of social unrest. Our screens are filled regularly with scenes of injustice and cries of injustice. Where is God in all this? Is he asleep? Uninterested? Perhaps he doesn’t even exist at all.

In this episode, I invite you to listen to a sermon I preached this past summer. But it is as relevant this week as it was then. Last year was a tumultuous summer. Between the fears of quarantine and rationing to the well-publicized shootings and resulting protests and riots, it will be remembered in the history books. Our country’s politics are more divided and acrimonious than in recent memory. And Christians were and are divided about the proper causes and responses to these event.

Does God’s word apply to this moment? The prophet Habakkuk lived in a time when there was profound injustice among God’s people. When he cries out to God for an explanation, he receives a surprising answer. And as a result he was surprisingly transformed.

In this podcast, I want to share with you a sermon I preached on the whole book of Habakkuk in our outdoor church gathering this summer. It is necessarily short because of the heat but I think you will walk away with a new trust in the Lord and a perspective on these events. And your reaction is important for a number of reasons, not least of which is that your children are watching you and looking for your help interpreting the events of the day.

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Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

Parenting with Confidence study


Topics Covered in This Week’s Podcast

00:15 Introduction

03:59 Habakkuk and his question

06:11 Habakkuk’s first complaint and God’s response

12:55 Habakkuk’s second complaint and God’s response

25:14 Woes and promises

30:26 Habakkuk’s response to God’s word