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Joel Sedam: The Surprising Presence of Sloth In Our Day

What comes to mind when you hear the word sloth?  The strange animal from the rainforest of South America? Your teenage son? What if I told you that this word might be more applicable to your parenting than you think?

Joel Sedam is a young pastor friend that I am privileged to know. We were talking recently and he mentioned a sermon he had done on the subject of sloth and how it had caused a paradigm shift in him. How he saw sloth all around.  That led me to say, let’s talk about this on a podcast.

You are going to enjoy this conversation. I think this topic has application as a besetting sin of our media age. It has application for my heart. It has application if you are trying to raise teens for the Lord. It has application for molding young children. 

Listen below or on itunes here.





Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

Mount Hope Church, where Joel Sedam pastors

Parenting with Patience: Overcoming Anger In the Home – Participant Workbook.

Parenting with Patience Videos.

Topics Covered in this week’s Podcast

0:15 Intro

3:17 Why study sloth?

5:32 The difference between sloth and laziness

8:42 How does sloth manifest itself?

16:00 How does sloth manifest as being zombie-like?

21:27 What is the solution to sloth?

24:18 Zeal as the opposite of sloth

27:28 Zealousness as part of godliness

29:53 Implications for ministry or parenting

31:02 Calling children to serve