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Discerning Culture

Level-Headed Posts on Gordon College and the New McCarthyism


After my screed last week, calmer and more knowledgeable voices have spoken to this issue. It is an issue that should concern every Christian. Our country was founded on separation of powers and religious liberty. Those two principles are under assault. My own state, Rhode Island, allowed many religions (Baptists, Jews, Quakers) to practice their religion freely in the early days of our country. That pluralism is under assault.

Here are a few of the calmer and scarier articles:

Learn the facts – Gordon College provides a facts page.

Mind the Gap  – I dont like the title but the articulate editor of the Gordon Student Newspaper writes a level-headed article in support of Gordon’s position.

Where we’ve come from – And where we are going. Overview of the move to affirm gay marriage and punish those who don’t agree from a law professor writing for Christianity Today. TGC provides a summary here. Thoughtful and concerning.

Religion in a heart shaped box – Another overview from the head of CBMW.

Denny Burke – helpfully summarizes the issues at the beginning of the controversy.

Denny Burke – this time highlighting a move that says government is OBLIGATED to disfavor Christians.

May these calmer voices call us to action and to prayer!