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Jeff Dalrymple: Making Our Church a Safe Place

Nothing is more precious to us than our children and their innocence. But how do we know that when we drop them off at school or church it is a safe place? And what can we do to make it safer?

In today’s podcast, we are going to talk to my friend Jeff Dalrymple about a ministry that can help diminish the threat of sexual abuse in the church. This is a vital topic both for the safety of our children and the reputation of Christ.

Jeff has been the catalyst behind a new national organization – The Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention (or ECAP for short). In this conversation he shares about the unfortunate need for his organization, and how busy pastors and leaders will soon be able to make their churches safer places. For the glory of Christ and for the love of others, our churches should be some of the safest places on earth.

Jeff is the right man for the job  He is an organizational leader with experience in roles of public safety, higher education, Christian NGOs, and parachurch organizations. He holds degrees in organizational management, international relations, and conflict resolution. In addition, he has previously served as a vice president of Southern Seminary.

Jeff lives in Jacksonville, FL with his wife Kristil and four children. I am happy to also mention that Jeff contributes to our ministry as a board member of The Apollos Project. I am thankful for him as a friend.

As you listen to this conversation, think about how your church is caring for the little ones and how ECAP might be able to help.

Listen below or on iTunes here.

Resources From This Podcast

ECAP’s website: Contains abuse prevention resources, as well as information on their Prevention and Redemption conference (June 17, 2021)

Interview with Eric Bancroft: Teaching Our Kids About Sex In a New Era

On Guard: Preventing and Responding to Child Abuse at Church, by Deepak Reju. To receive a free copy, contact ECAP through their website and mention this broadcast.

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Topics Covered in This Week’s Podcast

00:15 Introduction

03:14 What is ECAP? Why is it necessary?

07:23 What makes ECAP unique?

11:18 Advice for parents seeking to protect against sexual abuse

14:46 What does ECAP accreditation mean?

15:56 ECAP’s team

19:52 Recommended resources