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Patient Parenting Video Series

As I talk with parents of young children, increasingly I find that anger is a huge and hidden problem in the home. Parents know they should not get upset but often feel stuck in a rut. Whenever I mention this project I get lots of nods like, “Yes I need this.”

I have taught on this a number of time and received positive feedback. At an event, when someone asks me a question about this subject, I have to give a three minute and answer but think, “If only I could explain this more in depth, you would be able to rise above this issue.”

An individual or small group video series would take this teaching and help numerous families across the country and even around the world. I have estimated the cost to write, shoot, edit video is $6800.

We will cover

  • Anger as Your Friend and Foe
  • The Seriousness of Anger
  • The Root of Anger
  • Why Anger Can Be Your Friend
  • How Anger is a Prompt to Parent Your Children Better
  • Developing a Parenting Plan to Overcome Your Anger

Can you see the strategic needWould you like to partner with me in this endeavor? 

To have a little fun, I would like to throw in some crowdfunding incentives.

  • With a donation of $100 or more, you and your church can have lifetime access to the series.
  • With a donation of $250 or more, I am happy to do personal coaching session on this issue or any issue for your family.
  • Finally, with a donation of $500 or more, I would be happy to do a personal video teaching session with your church or small group.

Thank you for considering helping me fund this project. If you want to dialogue with me about it just hit reply. If you would like to donate you can go to

I never want to be “that ministry” that is always asking for money, but we are fully dependent on God’s people for “the seed.” Consider this a joyful invitation to join in God’s work.