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Questions for You and Your Child to Ask When You Think About Ministry

Children are not just to be ministered to. They are also capable of ministry. We need to train them that to give to the Lord’s church. As a family, we stand against the common Christian culture by not being consumers but givers at our local church.

Here are two suggestions on a simple way to start:

  • In prayer, ask “Lord, what do you want to do through us to build up    insert your church name      .  Pray that prayer individually or as a family and see what the Lord puts on your heart.
  • In addition, ask the leadership of your church, “What can we do to help build up our church?

Make sure there are opportunities to minister together as a family as well as separately. Your children can minister with you. And they can hear you tell of your ministry experiences around the table.

Like living stones, (see the castell to the right), let us allow him to build us into a glorious temple to the Lord (1 Peter 2:5).

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