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Scientific Research Backs Up the Bible: Two Dads Are Not Better

Our children are being assaulted by the media on this issue. We are being told God’s way is not the best way;  that the Bible is out of date. Or that our understanding of the Bible on this issue is like the Southerner’s support of slavery. Once we are all “enlightened” we will progress!

But now comes a new study that shows that two dads are not better than one. Show this article to your children showing that God’s way is the best way. Jesus does come to give abundant life (John 10:10).  What is amazing is that out of 15,000 individuals surveyed only 2 has been raised long-term by a gay couple. The numbers alone prove that this is not as popular that the media makes it.

Read about these things now because in the age of the “New Tolerance” dissent like this may not be tolerated!

P.S. I am pretty proud of the writer of this news article for World On Campus. Read the whole thing.

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