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Some Help Interpreting Themes from the Movie Frozen

For some reason there were technical issues with the Facebook and RSS feed. I am reposting this. Sorry for the trouble.

I haven’t seen the movie Frozen. Nor do I plan to. My children are past that age. But I recently came across this article which helps pick out some themes that are worth discussing.

Some key paragraphs:

None of our children have magical freezing powers. But the power of narrative is that we relate our experience to the heroine’s. Children, particularly as they grow through adolescence and into their teenage years, will be aware of things inside them that don’t fit the expectations of everyone around them — including moral standards of God taught to them by others. The solution will not be found on the plane of human relationship — either by throwing off their opinions and living openly in isolation (as in Let It Go) or by finding people who will accept what’s inside (as in the movie’s ending).

And this:

So use Frozen as an opportunity to talk to your kids about shame. Give them fair warning that there will be things inside them they will be tempted to hide. But fear can keep them from being open to grace. Jesus has powers, too. But unlike the problems and solutions of an imaginary world, His saving power changes reality. Even the reality within us.

Read the whole thing.