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Family Discipleship

Spurgeon on Not Prejudicing Your Child Toward Christianity

I have heard of one man who said that he did not like to prejudice his boy, so he  would not say anything to him about religion. The devil, however, was quite willing  to prejudice the lad, so very early in life he learnt to swear, although his father had a foolish and wicked objection to teaching him to pray.

If you ever feel it incumbent upon you not to prejudice a piece of ground by sowing good seed in it, you may rest assured that the weeds will not imitate your impartiality, but they will take  possession of the land in a very sad and shocking manner. Where the plough does not go, and the seed is not sown, the weeds are quite sure to multiply; and if children are left untutored and untrained, all sorts of evils will spring up in their hearts and lives.

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