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Summer OFF: An Interview with Tim Zulker and Miranda Laughlin

You want to raise your children to live on mission, to bring the good news of the love Christ to the world. You want them to have stretching experiences of serving and learning from others. But how can we do that? How can we do that as a family?

We want to have the joy of telling others about Jesus and we want to train our children in this way also. It is a joyful privilege when God uses us. 

But how do we go about doing that? Sharing the love of Christ is often a individual endeavor. In today’s podcast, I have a conversation with Tim Zulker and Miranda Laughlin about a summer park ministry that has flourished here in Providence. It is called Summer OFF. It might be a way for you and your family to lead a summer outreach in your area. 

Tim is the director NEU Church planting. Prior to that he was a church planting pastor in the Providence area for 15 years. And before that he was a campus minister at Brown and Princeton University. He has been married to Cindy for 30 years and they have four children. 

Miranda has been the director for Summer OFF for three years. She and her husband moved to RI from Texas to bring the gospel here. Before moving, she was a teacher and curriculum writer for 7 years. She is married to Derek and has two young children. 

I had a fun conversation with these two friends. I think it will whet your appetite to see God’s work like this in your area. 



Listen below or on itunes here.




Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

The Philip Center

Parenting with Patience: Overcoming Anger In the Home – Participant Workbook.

Parenting with Patience Videos.

Topics Covered in This Week’s Podcast:

0:15 Introduction

3:15 How Summer OFF came to be

7:06 A typical day of Summer OFF

10:24 How many people are needed to run Summer OFF? Who can help?

13:30 The benefits for families helping with Summer OFF

18:10 Goals for Summer OFF

23:36 The Summer OFF curriculum & intern participation

29:32 Response of city government to Summer OFF

38:50 Will Summer OFF work in other cities? How does it relate to church planting?

43:36 Where to learn more