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Teach Your Child That True Love Doesn’t Wait

Excellent post here about why true love does not wait.

The author remarks that the subtle message she received was something like this, “Stay pure and God will provide a husband.” But when he doesn’t provide a husband, the young women are confused and may walk away from the Lord. Rather than seeking the Lord during that time and being all that God wants them to be, they are waiting.

I have argued here that we ought to give all of our children a high view of singleness. Traditionally, more women follow the Lord than men. If I want to prepare my daughters to follow the Lord to the fullest, I need to prepare them for the possibility of life-long singleness. Besides, unless we marry them off at 18, all young men and women will be single for at least part of their lives.

Marriage is a blessed estate. But so is singleness. As we disciple our daughters toward purity, let us include singleness as a very possible calling from the Lord.

Behind all this is living a life of purpose, seeing how the Lord has called us to live for a great purpose of extending his kingdom.

So did we give our girls purity rings? Yes. But it was with a commitment to give to their husbands or the Lord. Positive purity is different than a “transaction” with God where we do our part until he does his part.

Read the whole post.


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