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Discerning Culture

Teens Too Busy for Church?

USA Today highlights  dropping attendance at some youth events. As I read this, pertinent comments are:

  • Sweet 16 is not a sweet spot for churches. It’s the age teens typically drop out.
  • Teens say, “We don’t see the church as relevant, as meeting our needs or where we need to be today.
  • Kids are overcommitted.
  • Parents are not communicating a ‘church is important’ culture.

Good observations by a current youth leader saying:

  • I cannot compete with my students’ culture in the area of entertainment.
  • I can offer students the real gospel of Jesus Christ and they can handle it.
  • Growth happens not by entertaining but by equipping.

I love the comments but again conspicuously absent is the mention of calling parents to their role to disciple their children! Oh well, good observation for us as parents!

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