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The Gifts the Messiah Brings (A Christmas Sermon)

Dear Friends,

Lord willing I am hoping to get back into podcast swing. This year has been a year of opportunities and also schedule upheaval. But I am going to jump back in.

And we will do that by posting a sermon I just preached in my home church on Isaiah 9:1-7. It is a fascinating passage and one of the most famous incarnation passages. That’s why it is so appropriate around Christmas.

I don’t want to give away all the surprises, but in this sermon Isaiah is writing from the mid-700’s BC. But he writes and speaks as if he is standing in 100 AD, looking back on the events of Jesus. We have one coming of light. And we long for the greater fulfillment of light coming into the world.

I would ask you to listen with a little indulgence. This sermon was a last-minute fill-in when our Senior Pastor suddenly got very sick on Saturday morning. So this teaching is an example of being ready in season and out of season.

But for now, let’s think about what the Messiah brings.