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The Intersection of Jesus and Your Suffering

Has suffering touched your life? No doubt it has. There are big trials and small trials that each of us walk through. Sometimes suffering can cause a person to lose their faith in Christ. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this today’s podcast  we are going to think about suffering. Suffering can come at us when we least expect it. Life seems to be going well and then a large incident comes at us. We might call that macrosuffering. Or maybe it is a series of smaller things that are repeated over and over.

Often we can think that Jesus’ presence is far away. Does he know about what I am going through? Does he even care?

I recently preached a short meditation on Jesus’ response to the death of Lazarus in John 11. There is much more there for a longer and fuller presentation. But this short message might be exactly what you or a friend or even your teen needs at this moment.

So take a listen to this short message I entitled Jesus Wept: The Intersection of Jesus and Your Suffering.

Topics Covered in This Week’s Podcast

00:15 Introduction

06:12 Scripture reading, John 11:1-6

07:17 Jesus Knows

08:56 Jesus Cares

10:13 Jesus Waits For the Glory of God

12:43 Jesus Offers Himself and His Promise

15:49 Jesus Calls For a Faith Response

18:21 Jesus Weeps

19:54 Jesus Acts