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The Patient Christian: Overcoming Anger in Your Home and Life – Podcast

Not again! You lost it, you’re furious, and you feel like a total failure. You yelled, slammed the door, hit the table, or threw your purse. Then the shame and guilt set in.  “These are my precious children! What am I thinking? What can I do?”

What are we talking about? Anger. And the fact is, it is far too prevalent in our parenting. And then we feel guilt or shame, so we cover it up. 

The following podcast is a short sermon that covers the material of my new resource at a high level. And that resource is going to help parents with the problem of anger.

It is called Parenting with Patience: Overcoming Anger in the Home.  If you are a parent who has struggled or is struggling with anger toward your children, you need this podcast and this study. 

Parenting with Patience is a five week, video-driven Bible study designed to help you change. 

In it  this video series and workbook you will discover: 1. Foundational biblical teaching to understand what drives the anger.2. How anger is both a foe and friend and how that will motivate you to change. 3. Parenting principles to help you see your situation differently. 4. An anger journal template to guide you toward real changes in your behavior. 5. Twenty five devotional studies to help you dig deeply into God’s word.

There is a lot more in the video and Bible study but this will help you set the tone. We will be thinking about becoming a more patient follower of Christ. How? By attacking our nemesis of anger. 

Listen below or on itunes here.




Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

Parenting with Patience: Overcoming Anger In the Home – Participant Workbook.

Parenting with Patience Videos.