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The Real Effects of an Affair

Hollywood portrays affairs as exciting. God’s word forbids adultery. But Jesus said that he his commands give abundant life. It is the thief that comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Who is right? Though our teens may want to believe Jesus, Hollywood sure makes it sound glamorous. I have argued in my booklet, The Power of Apologetics, that we need to show our children the goodness of Christianity. God’s commands lead to blessing.

This article shows the real effects of breaking God’s commands.

The writer comments:

What you don’t know, or perhaps what you don’t allow yourself to think about, is that your life will become an unbearable mix of yearning and regret because of it. It will be difficult if not impossible to be in any one place with contentment…

Sooner or later your illicit, once-beloved object of affection will become tawdry, wearying. You will come to long for simple, honest pleasures like making dinner with your sons or going out to the movies without having to look over your shoulder.

On the other side, your spouse’s philandering will cease to torment you and instead the whole episode will leave you disgusted and bored and desirous to get out. You will just want to be with someone who does what he says he is going to do, goes where he says he is going to go, and can be found any time you need him because he is not hiding.

Read the whole thing and then forward it to your older teens and young adults.

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