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Why New Families Should Sing Old Songs

This article entitled, Why New Churches Should Sing Old Songs, is also helpful for parents. It could also be reentitled, Why New Families Should Sing Old Songs.

His main point?

[Music] teaches. It forms us.

We don’t need scientific studies to know that music and melody fuses truth into our memories and intellects. We can all observe how melody infuses meaning, emotions, affections, and experiences into words. It takes lyrics to new heights and depths that they couldn’t go on their own

As a church musician, I’m not trying to downplay the formative importance of preaching. But I couldn’t tell you the take-home point of two sermons I heard growing up, no matter how clever the preacher’s alliteration. But I still sing “Holy Holy Holy” word for word. I know “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” by heart. “The Solid Rock” is an ever-present companion for me in difficult times. Those songs have given me a vocabulary to express myself. I have learned the truth of God in a way that will stay with me for a lifetime.

Music is a God-given way to disciple our children and to teach them great truths of the faith. As I argue in my booklet on worshiping together as a family, young children can and should learn great hymns of the faith. Buy worship CDs and play them around your house.

And worship leaders should lead us with those rich songs as well.

You can read the whole article here. Or read my booklet here.

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