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Why Should Our Children Honor and Obey?

Sarah Bubar at the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood writes an article on the call of adult women to honor their parents when they are older. Since the Bible places this as one of the Ten Commandments, teaching our young children to honor and obey us is a particular training objective.  As they get older, the command for direct obedience may begin to fade but the command to honor still remains.

Two helpful quotes:

Honoring, on the other hand, means “showing esteem and respect to a person of superior standing; evidence or symbol of distinction.” In Hebrew, it also means “to weigh” or “to make heavy.” In other words, when placing the opinion of your parents on a balancing scale opposite the opinion of your friends, your parent’s opinion is going to weigh more because you honor them.

And this

Obeying and honoring our parents develops a habit of obedience and a respect for authority in our lives; characteristics that are greatly lacking in our society as a whole….Put it this way: if, as young children we find it easy to say “no” to our parents, as adults, it will be no struggle to say “no” to God.

Training our young children to honor and obey us is important. Encouraging our older ones to honor us is also important. Read the whole thing.

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