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Discerning Culture

Worldliness Quote from Ray Steadman

Ray Steadman has an old sermon with an unfootnoted quote that I liked.

To sum up, the Christian’s vocation is to be in the world, but not of it; to represent Christ in it and to intercede on its behalf because it is under judgment (this is the Christian’s priesthood), to identify himself with its sufferings but not with its attitudes, to bring his influence to bear upon the world’s life without being corrupted by the world’s ways; to stand on the frontier, holding forth the Word of Life, and so to love and obey that Word that he has been delivered from the evil one and sanctified in the truth.

Such a calling involves a cross. The man who separates himself from the world and seeks to escape it does not know the cross. The man who submits to the world’s pressures and loses his distinctiveness as a Christian does not know that cross. The man who seeks to be in the world, as our Lord was in it, but shows that he is not of it because he is a Christian and in Christ; that man will find his cross. It’s only the disciple who follows Christ in both these respects who has a cross to take up.

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