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10 Pleasant Sentences That Can Defuse a Conflict

Lou Prioli has 20 pleasant sentences that can defuse a conflict. I have taken my top 10. Read the whole thing. Applicable for marriage, teens to parents. Pleasant words do promote understanding.
  1. “I really appreciate your concern about this.”
  2. “Am I hearing you right? Is this what you are saying?”
  3. “Would you repeat that please?”
  4. “I see this is important to you; therefore, it is to me.”
  5. “Thank you for taking time to share this with me.”
  6. “Do you have any suggestions as to what I could do to improve in this area?”
  7. “How could I do (have done) that differently?”
  8. “What, exactly, is it you see that I’m doing or saying wrong?”
  9. “Thank you for bringing that to my attention.”
  10. “I see that’s important to you, so I’ll make it a point to be more aware of it in the future.”

Read the whole thing. Words do matter. Let’s use pleasant words to promote good understanding.

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