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A Gracious, Articulate “Interview” About Homosexuality

George Barna recently found that one reason young people give for not following the Lord is: Reason #4 – Young Christians’ church experiences related to sexuality are often simplistic, judgmental. With unfettered access to digital pornography and immersed in a culture that values hyper-sexuality over wholeness, teen and twentysometing Christians are struggling with how to live meaningful lives in terms of sex and sexuality.

In particular, the church is losing the war on expressing a biblical, loving, and reasonable view about what the Bible says about homosexuality. Trevin Wax pens an interview with a fictitious pastor that gets to the heart of the issue. In addition, it is gracious and articulate.

May I suggest that you proactively bring up this issue with your teen to show that you are gracious, loving, AND committed to biblical truth. In addition, this article provides gracious words to help them articulate the Christian worldview.

Read the whole thing.

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