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A Mom’s Gospel Oriented Prayer

We pray often for our children. But how should we pray? For safety?  A good day?

Christina Fox pens an excellent prayer at The Gospel Coalition site.

The heart of her prayer is

The most important prayer I can pray for them is that they would see their sin and need for you. I ask that you humble them before you. Pierce their heart so they would see their need for the gospel of grace. I pray that they would know there is nothing they can do to earn your love or to keep your love. Each time they stumble into sin, draw them back to the gospel and foot of the cross. I pray that they would be overcome and overwhelmed by your love for them, that their love in response would overflow beyond measure.

The only thing I would add is that they would know the power of the resurrected Christ in overcoming sin. But I commend this prayer to you.

Read the whole thing.

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