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A New Resource from The Apollos Project

Dear Friends of The Apollos Project, As many of you know, I spend part of my time writing. Writing allows teachers to spell ideas out more clearly and in more detail. It is rewarding and frustrating, encouraging and discouraging all at the same time.

I have released my newest booklet, The Power of the Gospel, aimed at helping parents pass the gospel-baton to their children. Feel free to download it here. I will leave it up on this page through November.
If you have time, please read it and give me your feedback. That feedback includes finding typos or it can include letting me know any content that seems unclear. Or you can even tell me if there is content that you disagree with.
If you like it, feel free to forward it. I want to get the word out about The Apollos Project. However, please do not post it on your site.  You can direct people here.
Thanks for your regular prayers. This resource is a fruit of those prayers.  Would you pray that this information might equip many?