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Amazing Incarnation by Jonathan Edwards

How astonishing it isVan Honthorst

  • That a person who is blessed forever and is infinitely and essentially happy should endure the greatest sufferings that ever were endured on earth.
  • That a person who is the supreme Lord and Judge of the world should be arraigned and should stand at the judgment seat of mortal worms and then be condemned.
  • That a person who is the living God and the fountain of life should be put to death.
  • That a person who created the world and gives life to all his creatures should be put to death by his own creatures.
  • That a person of infinite majesty and glory, and so the object of the love, praises, and adoration of angles. should be mocked and spit upon by the vilest of men.
  • That a person infinitely good and who is love inself should suffer the greatest cruelty.
  • That a person who is infinitely beloved of the Father should be put to inexpressible anguish under his own Father’s wrath.
  • That he who is King of heaven, who has heaven for his throne and earth for his footstool, should be buried in the prison of the grave.

How wonderful is this!

And yet this is the way that God’s wisdom has fixed upon the way of sinners’ salvation, as neither unsuitable nor dishonorable to Christ.

Jonathan Edwards, “The Wisdom of God Displayed in the Way of Salvation,” in Works (Edinburg, 1979), II:144

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