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An Easy Secret to Memorizing Large Portions of Scripture

I have recently come across an article on a great way to memorize large portions of Scripture. I recommend reading the whole article. But the core of the article is this–read the passage aloud 50 times. The benefits? The author of the article writes:

  • I discovered that I had already memorized most of the passage I was trying to learn before I ever really started to try to memorize it.
  • I found out that the process of reading a passage over and over again in-and-of-itself became a wonderful means of God working his grace in my life.  I wasn’t just learning words, I was thinking about where the passage was going.  God used it to help me understand the passage better, to think about its implications in my life, and to impact my actions and affections.
  • I discovered that this process helped immensely in holding in my long-term memory the passages I had memorized.  It is a far better process for retention

I, Chap, have recently memorized several longer sections of Scripture that way. I highly encourage you and your children to try it.

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