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Teachers Banning Laptops – I knew it. Now there is proof. This is why I ask my children to bring paper Bibles to church and take notes in a notebook with a writing instrument. Yes, they have an ipod but there is something about paper, a pen, not typing, and not being distracted by the internet.

There is no such thing as casual sex – Great quotation by Dallas Willard

Gospel Inclusion and Instagram – This article raises several excellent points. Are we excluding others? Are we bragging? Are we living a life that is hypocritical – showing one thing to our friends, while the reality is quite different. According to one daughter of mine, this is quite prevalent at her college.

A Dad Who Sings — I am working on a similar post. This is really good exhortation to dads.

Sterling and Eich are not alike – Racism and thoughful opposition are not the same. Sterling has a history of racism. Eich was caring and inclusive even though he opposed gay marriage SIX years ago! Read another article here.