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world12 Things Every First Time Father Should Know – I enjoyed his list and came up with a few more. What would you add?

A Pastor’s Greatest Regret – If you are a pastor, are you caring for your family? If not a pastor, are you helping him care for his family? I have written about this here and here.

What to Do When They Stray – Whether or not you agree with this gentlemen’s theology, you will find his four suggestions practical.

America is More Post Christian – Barna tells us what we already know. Let’s train our children to live in this world.

My Own Personal Bollywood – I like this understanding of how movies can lead to unrealistic views of things. Helpful for talking to those influenced by the storyline in movies.

23 Passionate Appeals from a Father to a Son – David Murray walks through Proverbs.

Thoughts on the Sabbath – I sent this to my young adult children. Helpful for young parents too. The phrase “rejuvenation in God” really stood out to me and I think is at the heart of the Sabbath.

Gary Habermas’ Paper on the Historical Evidence of Jesus – This comes up time and time again. Know that the evidence is overwhelming that Jesus existed and the gospels are reliable history.