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Around the Web – Swearing, Listening, and Exasperating Your Children

The Heart of Swearing – Good words here on looking at the heart issue of swearing. Especially good for parents. I have written to older Christians here who are arguing for swearing to fit in with those around them.

Do you listen when you apologize? – Excellent counsel! Apologizing without listening can actually cause more pain.

David Murray on 15 ways to exasperate your children.

Dealing with the T of LGBT – With the Time Magazine cover, we are moving on to the T of LGBT. Who would have thought we would be here? Russell Moore has a quick helpful article to help our young adults. CBMW has some good words here.

Should the Church Speak of Gay Christians? – Helpful thinking on moving Christian understanding away from identity to the attractions that are fought. We need to be able to speak carefully and clearly about this issue.