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Celebrate Mom Campaign!

Today we kick off our Celebrate Mom Campaign!
We believe that moms are some of God’s hardest working, under-appreciated disciple-makers. Moms, you are not just raising kids, you are discipling the next generation!

In fact, you are a Disciple-Making Mom.

We want to celebrate you and give you a way to help others! Both moms and dads can participate.

This week, for two weeks only, we are offering coffee mugs that will celebrate you all year round.

One side proudly proclaims your calling as a Disciple-Making Mom or a Disciple-Making Dad.

The other side reminds you and your children that you have no greater joy than to hear that they are walking in the truth (3 John 4).

Blessing Other Moms Too
But we not only want to make the moms who know about this ministry happy, we want to take this important message to more moms. So we are combining this release with our National Campaign to make The Disciple-Making Parent material available to more moms.

We plan to do this two ways:
1. Creating professional videos of this material to equip churches around the country and the world.
2. Exhibiting at the 2018 TGC’s Women’s Conference and other national conferences.

Here’s how you can help.

As a ministry, we can only take advantage of these opportunities as God’s people partner with us.

Between now and April 30th 2017, we are offering the mugs for a donation of any amount over our cost to put them in your hands! (About $20 for two).

(Update 4/22 – Just to be clear – a $20 donation just pays for the mugs and shipping to you. There are no funds for our other campaign. If you wish to donate to the ministry it will need to be more than $20. Thanks!)

So we would like to bless you and to ask you to bless other moms.

Though we love giving out free content, we are only able to speak and write because of our financial partners. The Apollos Project is 501(c)3 nonprofit overseen by a godly and independent board of directors. You can partner with us in the mission to equip parents to disciple their children.

The encouraging news is that we are 80% toward our national goal and only have $5000 more to raise in our campaign. Even better news is that every dollar you give is doubled because of other generous donors.

April 30th Deadline
Because we are a ministry and our primary calling is teaching and writing, we are going to limit the time of offering these mugs from now until April 30th, 2017.

The good news is that helps you do your Mother’s Day shopping early!

Dads, get your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day present early, remind yourself of your parenting goal, and at the same time help other parents across the country.

Moms, order mugs for your family and help other moms across the country with your generous donation.

Grandparents, order a set to bless the parents of your grandchildren!

Church leaders, contact us about ordering in bulk for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Most of all, let’s pray for God to raise up godly young men and women to bring glory to Christ.


1. Fill out our contact form and give us your name and the number of mugs and which ones you want (Mom or Dad or both).

2. Click on the Donate Button below to make a generous donation to help out other moms and dads!

3. Sit back and wait for your mugs to arrive before Mother’s Day.

We will match up your contact form and your donation record and then send you the mugs in time for Mother’s Day.