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Delighting in the Lord Together – How and Why Families Should Worship Together

Delighting in the Lord Together  is a booklet I put together over the past few years. Our family has spent 20 years worshiping the Lord as a family in corporate worship in the church. Intergenenerational worship is all that our church, New Covenant, has ever practiced. It is our desire to have families worship together. This little booklet works through reasons for this effort and practical suggestion on how to pull it off successfully.

Well it turns out that New Covenant was way ahead of its time.

“In their new book, Sticky Faith, Kara Powell  and Chap Clark (hey really great first name!) cite a six-year-long research project that discovered that out of 13 youth-group variables, intergenerational worship and discipleship correlated the strongest with mature faith among students in high school and college.” (CT, December, p.15)

Did you see that? Intergenerational worship is important!

Order an electronic copy from Kindle. Or paperbacks for each family in your church.

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