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Family Devotions – A Great New Year’s Resolution

Everything fights against having family devotions. You know you should but…

Maybe you are asking why start again when I know that I will slack off? Did you know that an airplane is of course 90% of the time? How then does it arrive at its destination? By making constant corrections. You too can arrive at your destination by making constant corrections.

I need the challenge to restart this great means of grace? Do you?

Read some of these articles for encouragement.
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What to read? Depending on the ages of your children you might:

  • Read through a Bible Story Book.
  • Read through a gospel – Why not start with Matthew
  • Read through Proverbs.

You can do it! Let’s get back to honoring the Lord and acting as priests in our homes. Let me know what you are doing.


If you are a parent, God has given you eternal souls to influence. In today’s culture, you need a strategy.

The Disciple-Making Parent will give you confidence in your parenting.

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