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How A Wife Can Help Her Husband Lead Family Devotions

A great little article here about how a wife can rightfully encourage her husband in the duty of family devotions.

She did it without nagging like a dripping tap, which is known in Vietnam and Proverbs as a torture technique.Key lines:

  • She didn’t hint, like we’re playing some sort of subtle marriage sign-language game I’m supposed to decipher.
  • She did it without making me feel like I was slacker, though I was being one.
  • She didn’t talk to me about it in the midst of one of the busy moments of life.
  • She made a date, some condensed milk coffee, and asked if I would be ok with her telling the kids each night that after dinner and bath, and before bedtime, part of the new routine would include family worship?
  • The Holy Spirit did the rest.
Read the whole article.  Maybe this a good time to post my material on family devotions. Look for it in the coming week.

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