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How to Raise a Pharisee

Do you want to raise a Pharisee? I don’t. But just in case you do, here is a 12 step program on How to Raise a Pharisee. With tongue firmly in check, this presentation reminds us as parents of things NOT to do. I might have a quibble with one or two things but still lots of wisdom. To raise a Pharisee you should:

  1. Major on external instead of internal issues
  2. Take excessive control
  3. Overreact to failure
  4. Be unforgiving and impatient
  5. Elevate preference over biblical principle
  6. Have unnecessary separatism
  7. Judge others…other families
  8. Be “belligerent”—a fighter
  9. Show favoritism
  10. Have No humor
  11. Build up their self-esteem
  12. Show a lack of genuine spirituality

Read the whole thing.

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