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Interview with David Helm Author of The Big Picture Story Bible

David Helm talks about how the Big Picture Story Bible came about. at Between Two Worlds

My notes below:
18:04 – How do we energize the body to make home ministry a priority?
The church, which is the buttress and foundation of the truth, has a foundation of the family.

23:30 Raising Gospel kids not good kids.
Raising good kids and gospel kids is a matter of life and death.
Not just raising them to answer the phone correctly. OT is not Aesop fables. Moses, there is more going on that God took care of Moses. Graham Goldsworth – Gospel and Kingdom
Devotional preaching of OT is killing us. These stories are not Aesops fables but about God’s redemptive story and kingdom.
Also, how are we dealing with their conscience? They can have a seared conscience.

1. Intro our kids to a gospel of grace.
2. Learn how to reconstruct conscience. 1 Cor 8 weaker’s brothers conscience is more important than being right or wrong. Rebuild Christian conscience.

34:30 – Thoughts on discipline

45:30 Thoughts on family devotions.
Own your failures. It will come. Expect it. Embrace it and start again. He has times of not having devotions for several weeks. As children get older, change with them. What book are we going to read through. We read a chapter of the Bible at a time. Let your children leave your home having known that parents are committed to God’s word. No substitute to simple raw exposure to God’s word.

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