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Interview with Family Pastor Tom Burns

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Tom Burns. Tom is the Pastor of Family and Discipleship at Grace Community Church in Spofford NH.

I was encouraged and humbled as I found out how Tom is using The Disciple-Making Parent as a year-long emphasis for all the families in his church.  If you are a family pastor, it is often good to hear from another pastor in your shoes. If you are a pastor of a smaller church you can still gain some ideas that could be useful.

1. Tell us a little bit about your ministry, church, and people you are serving. 0:44

2. How have you used The Disciple-Making Parent in your church? 2:34

3. What are some of the effects you have seen by using this resource? 4:35

4. Is The Disciple-Making Parent too much of a stretch for new Christians? 7:17

5. How have you implemented studying this resource? Tell us about your weekly schedule and format.  9:25

6. How does The Disciple-Making Parent help with fear that parents have? 14:09

7. How are you using this with baby dedications? 15:52

8. What would you say to your peers in family ministry? How would you encourage them? 17:17