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Learning Self-Discipline

Learning self-discipline.

Is this a goal of ours? For our children? Paul says to Timothy, “Train yourself for godliness” (1 Timothy 4:7).

I came across this little article by John MacArthur that I thought was filled with practical helps.  MacArthur recommends:

1. Start small.
2. Get yourself organized (yikes!).
3. Don’t constantly seek to be entertained.
4. Be on time.
5. Keep your word.
6. Do the most difficult task first.
7. Finish what you start.
8. Accept correction.
9. Practice self-denial.
10. Welcome responsibility.

The article finishes with this line. “The discipline cultivated in the mundane things will spill over to your spiritual life.”

Read the whole thing. It is a quick read.

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  • Diane says:

    These are good words to live by… not always easy, but easier than not living by them for me. God is a god of order after all. Great practical steps!

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