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London Riots a Result of Poor Parenting?

Interesting article on the lack of parental authority and discipline leading to problems in England.

“Parents are fearful about how they chastise their children,” Clasford Stirling, a veteran youth worker, who runs the football club at Broadwater Farm community centre in Tottenham, said. “There’s been an erosion of authority for a long time. Parents move very gingerly not to upset their own kids – that’s the reality.”


Dropping her six-year-old son off for football class, Chris (who did not want to give her surname) said she felt under pressure not to discipline her children. “Responsibility has been taken away from parents. People here will call social services if they hear you disciplining your children. Children hear about Childline at school. It’s all very well trying to be liberal, but parents need to be given back their right to parent,” she said.

He who loves his child is careful to discipline him (Proverbs 13:24). And disciplining our children keeps them from Sheol (23:13-14). When we discipline we are imparting wisdom but a child left to himself will disgrace his mother (29:15).

God’s ways are the best ways.


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