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Memorizing Long Sections of Scripture – Repost

Since we are focusing on memorizing Scripture, I thought it would be good to do a repost from a couple of years ago. Chap

Memorizing Scripture is an excellent means of grace to our souls. We can memorize individual verses for specific times. And we can memorize long passages of Scripture to meditate on the flow of the thought of the speaker or writer. But how to memorize long sections of Scripture? One of the most helpful treatments I have found on this subject is a pamphlet by Dr. Andrew Davis.  His suggested method boils down to this:

1. Recite  yesterday’s verse 10 times. Make sure to recite the reference.

2. Recite all of the Scripture that you have memorized including yesterday’s verse.

3. Read today’s verse 10 times out loud, looking at the words  to photograph each in your memory. Be sure to recite the reference after it.

4. Now close the Bible and recite today’s verse 10 times out loud. Be sure to recite the reference after it.

You are done for the day. I have followed this plan and it does work.

This simple plan will allow you and your children to commit long sections (he suggests even books) to memory. Try it!


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