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Pithy Sayings That Might Stick With Your Child

Fun, pithy sayings that might stick with you or your child. From Pyromaniacs

  1. Folks who are full of themselves don’t leave much room for anyone else.
  2. Don’t be shocked when unbelievers act like unbelievers.
  3. Do be shocked when believers act like unbelievers. Especially when it’s you.
  4. Men shouldn’t let our eyes rest anywhere our hands shouldn’t.
  5. If nobody else has ever seen what you’re seeing in the Bible, that’s probably because it isn’t there.
  6. The world is far better at being the world than the church ever could be, so don’t even try.
  7. Excelling at anything is a matter of wisely investing odd moments.

See what fun “proverbs” you can come up with to help wisdom stick with your children (and your own soul).

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