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Proud vs Broken by Nancy Leigh Demoss

Tim Challies reminded me of a chart I had forgotten about. This little chartby Nancy Leigh Demoss so convicted me when I first came across it about 10 years ago that I made copies and distributed it to my church. It really is a foundational document to refer to time and time again.Sour

It would be good to ask ourselves. “What do my children see in me?”  And,  “How am raising my children?”

Some of the convicting ones for me….

1. Do I focus on the failures of others?
2. Am I self-righteous, with a critical fault-finding spirit?
3. Do I look down on others?
4. Do I display a demanding spirit?

1. Am I overwhelmed with my own spiritual need?
2. Am I compassionate, and forgiving, looking for the best?
3. Do I esteem others better than myself?
4. Have a giving spirit?

Read Pray over the whole thing.

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