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Qualities of a Godly Elder and Man

Family PrayerJason Helopoulos has a good article on qualities of a great elder.

Could we say qualities of a great man? Young men are you listening? Young ladies are these in your prayer journal? Moms and Dads, you might consider printing down and sharing with your children. Or praying over this list.

Theological, but Fiercely Practical: He will know the scriptures and revel in the doctrine and theology of God’s holy Word. And at the same time, he will know how to apply those truths of Scripture to the lives he is privileged to serve.

Leader, but a Willing Follower:  He doesn’t wear a sign that announces he is a leader. He isn’t loud and demands that people follow, they just do.

Dignified, but Wonderfully Approachable:  He is serious about the Christian faith. He knows that life is short and he does not waste it.

Listener, but Wisely Vocal: He is slow to speak and quick to listen. But when he speaks, men listen.

Courageous, but Pastorally Winsome:  He does not shy away from the hard discussions, the difficult conflicts, or the trying personalities of the church. He isn’t looking for conflict, but he also won’t run from it.

Dogmatic, but Flexible: He is a rock on the non-negotiables. He will not be moved from the teaching of the Scriptures. However, he is flexible and able to concede points to others when he is proven wrong or the issue is not of extreme importance.

Gifted, but Knowingly Humble:  He is aware of how the Lord has gifted him for service in the church. In turn, he is also keenly aware of the gifts which he does not possess.

Officer, but Servant First:  He has a mantle upon his shoulders. There is responsibility and privilege.

Churchly, but a Lover of Men: He loves the church as a body and he loves men.

Loyal, but a Thoughtful Exhorter:  He is not a fault finder. However, when it is necessary, he is willing to challenge his pastors and fellow elders appropriately. He does not follow blindly.

DMPMay God raise up young men like this for our churches!

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