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Seven Questions to Assess If Your Anger is Righteous


David Powlison on Seven Questions to Ask if Your Anger is Righteous

1. Do you get angry about the right things?
2. Do you express your anger in the right way?
3. How long does your anger last?
4. How controlled is your anger?
5. What motivates your anger?
6. Is your anger “primed and ready” to respond to another person’s habitual sins?
7. What is the effect of your anger?

From “Anger Part 1: Understanding Anger,” Journal of Biblical Counseling, 1995

This is really helpful for those who defend their anger as righteous. Scripture does leave a category for righteous anger. And at times, anger can be our helper. However, in the majority of cases, human anger has a sinful element to it. These seven questions help us to discern any sin.