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Sinners Who Don’t Actually Sin?

I have observed a funny paradox – many sinners don’t actually sin.parent_couch_teen

What I mean is that on Sunday in church they have no problem admitting that they are a sinner that needs a Savior.

But during the week if someone brings up a short-coming and suggests that they: were angry, mishandled a situation, were unwilling to listen, were sarcastic, were thoughtless — then they are immediately defensive.

In others words, theoretically I am a sinner but functionally I don’t actually really sin.

Strange, isn’t it?

If we don’t want that deception in our lives, this article and this summary of it are foundational on giving and receiving criticism.

Questions for reflection include:

How do I typically react to correction?
What is my first response when someone says I’m wrong?
Do I tend to attack the person? To reject the content of criticism? To react to the manner?
How well do I take advice? How well do I seek it?
Are people able to approach me to correct me?
Am I teachable?
Do I immediately seek to defend myself, hauling out my righteous acts and personal opinions in order to defend myself and display my rightness?
Can my spouse, parents, children, brothers, sisters, or friends correct me?

The summary is here.

The full article is here.

Consider printing down and reading the whole article. It was a life-changing article for me years ago when I read it. It can be for you also!

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